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LoL: Oh Yes And Spiders LoL: Oh Yes And Spiders

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Pretty sweet.

It's quite apparent that a lot of work went into this. I enjoyed it. Got a little long-winded and Zelda's constant overbearing frustration hit a little too close to home, though. :)

Animation is sweetness, sounds are spot-on and well done, etc. FAQ was probably the best and most accurate I've ever read. Except the "gender" part, since your profile clearly shows you're female, so that was kind of pointless. Maybe you're lying. Who knows. Of course, that would be an odd thing to do with all the other supporting evidence.

ANYWAY. This was entertaining and is certainly recommended. Songs to Wear Pants To is always a great addition, of course. :P

Man, there are always cool people like you and I'm all ":(" because I don't know you at all. Sucks. I only have one internet friend that makes cool things and lets me see previews! That's too few! *Cough!*

Oh well. In closing, internet high-five.

P.S. That fairy voice was uncanny. It might even be better than the pixie voice in Drakengard.

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Emptygoddess responds:

Same girl does the voice of Zelda. She's amazing.